still here…still fat

Posted: September 28, 2011 by adamdouglasbrock in Physical Health

Well it has been SO long since I have written – not sure if anyone besides my other 2 guys on a mission read this or not – but I am still fat. I fell off, WAY off my bandwagon about 12 months ago when I found out my wife was pregnant and which meant of course that I needed to match her tummy as hers grew a baby mine grew a ball of fat…Right now I am trying to get that jumpstart and my battery is all but dead. I know we all go through dips but I really need something to ignite me right now. I know other people would love to have a major spark too so if anyone has a good word or theory to anything please comment and encourage us all! 🙂 Thanks hope I can get a move on…


Fire in the sky

Posted: September 20, 2011 by John in Exercise, God

Hello blogosphere, I’m back! I make my return today as I’m trying to break habits that I have spent decades developing and honing to perfection (or gross imperfection depending on your perspective). I am attempting to use my time differently and trying to remove distractions. So tonight I decided to get some exercise and go for a nighttime walk. There’s just something about going for a walk or a bike ride at night. Everything just seems so much calmer. The air is cooler, crisper, almost seems cleaner. While walking I have time to reflect on the day, life, what I shouldn’t have had for dinner earlier and whatever else comes to mind.

I went out the door and headed up the short hill behind my house and then downhill to a flat area for several blocks and I thought “that was pretty easy”. Then as I was heading back up some of the hills in the neighborhood my toe begins screaming “what are you doing to me? Go back home and have some bacon you fat slob!” But then I saw something in the sky. No, it wasn’t an alien spaceship or an angel. There was a glow, an orange light flickering off the clouds. It’s caused by the flame coming from a gas well that is a couple miles away beyond a couple hills, but the glow is hard to miss. This got me wondering, what is it about a fire that captures people’s attention? It can be a camp fire, a house fire or a car that’s burning in the parking lot at the mall. It attracts attention and people will watch it. Get a fire going when you have a bunch of people around and they will just sit there and watch it, especially at night. Sure they’ll keep talking but they are drawn to the fire. They watch the flames dance, the glow of the coals and the shimmering waves of heat. People are drawn to a flame especially in the dark.

This world can be a very dark place and people are drawn to a flame in another sense as well. When others see someone whose life is burning brightly, being set aglow by the flame of the Holy Spirit, they are drawn to watch. Maybe wondering if it’s real, if it’s something that they could also have. They watch with wonder as they know this is something out of the ordinary in our world. That person burning brightly now has the opportunity to share the source of that light with them and perhaps see them ignited as well.

One small flame can be powerful. Those far away from it can see the light it gives off for a long distance. I was not able to see the flame from the gas well but I could see it light up the sky. And it was noticeably darker in my neighborhood when they turned it off. So I began to think, how bright is the light of my life? So many people are looking for some kind of light in this place because all they see is darkness. Am I listening to the Holy Spirit and responding in such a way that my life will burn brighter for everyone to see so they can find THE light of life? What about you?

So I aim to keep avoiding those distractions and do whatever I need to burn brighter. Walking, praying, meeting the needs of others, whatever it takes. I want what is remaining of my life to be used by God to shine as bright as possible for Him. I must keep fanning the flame!

(And I don’t have time to talk about what happens when you get several flames together.)

What are your thoughts?

Well well well here I sit on the eve of my 4th “makers diet” cleanse, and what do I have to show for my year of toil?  A couple of pounds, and a lot of excitement.  The past year has been a year of trying to burn off some dross!  By July first I had 251 miles of running…since july first…about 20 miles.  What you ask?  Yeah that is right, since my third child was born a whopping 4 miles.  I officially am at decision point, will I muster the pizazz and get my 500 miles or will I caulk it up to another failed news years resolution? I am tired of not making my N.Y.R.’s.  So onward I push, 14.5 miles per week and I will hit my goal?  I need this more than you know! How about y’all?  Anybody have a resolution you can hunker down and accomplish in the last 4 months of 2011?  Let’s get at it times a wastin’!  on a side note my 2012 Resolution includes 26.2 miles on May 6th 52.4 less pounds for the same date…under 5 hours.  I pray you and yours are blessed!  Love Y’all!! A. Brock

Call it a come back…if you want to

Posted: August 16, 2011 by antdoubro in Exercise, Physical Health

Well after relative success this spring…the summer was flat to say the least in regards to weight loss, solid exercise and other such not…but fear not!  We are back, juan dub and Ant Brock.  Adam has yet to be contacted but if you read this txt, tweet, or call that fool and tell him…”its time”.  Three fat guys is possibly headed to the Dominican Republic for a missions trip in January and we gotta ship up if this is going to be respectable as far as construction is concerned.  So stick it out we are going to post some bold goals over the next few weeks that might scare us,  make us blush, and plain old embarrass us.  All for you blogesphere. May the Lord bless you!  Love y’all ANT

What’s in a name

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Naming your third child is a big, heavy, fun, and stressful job.  Lots of friends have commented on Andia…so I wanted to at least type out why and where Andia came from.  Lots of you know my moms maiden name is Andy, and some of you know that our family name from the motherland was Audia…but why Audia became Andy has stumped family scoopsters for decades…until my cousins (Ami and Erin) in full scoop mode bought my Uncle Ralph a super cool gift.  The actual manifesto (immigration papers) of my family being recorded in from Italy to the USA…on the manifesto they have our name listed as Andia… not Audia chalk it up to ellis island confusion, or the Lord setting up a great story for my daughters name…either way I am proud to be an Andy and ever more proud to be Andia’s dad!

Momma said knock you out…is officially one of those hype you up songs…I am rocking the bells this week and I am glad.  While I am typing this I have three of my “100 life goals” going down this very minute. One, on sunday I WILL compete in and succeed at running a half marathon, Second on Friday Mars Ill the dopest hip hop duo will begin recording a record in which I ( my beautiful wifey and I) are the executive producers, and third I finally bit the bullet and applied for life insurance that will take care of my family if this race takes me out.  That is when I found out…my tension is hyper, yep my blood pressure is elevated ( within standard non tobacco limit but not prefered)…no big shock, but I just got more confirmation that this change needs to happen with all the other side affects of being “big boned”  I gotta change this for good…so I hear you “anth what u gonna do about it?” Well I started CO-Q10, watching my salt, decafe latte’s, lots of prayer… I am committed to running (600 miles in 2011) , and I am going to see my DR. for the first time in 10 years…after vacation.  So this week has been a real roll-r-coaster of emotion.  Mostly good but I have A LOT OF WORK TO DO, and as the hermie sing along song goes…”God’s not finished with me yet”  this week I will face a fear, run a race and be apart of a music project that I am sure to be proud of…I say all this not to make you feel guilty, but to hopefully inspire you to write some life goals out and start knocking those suckas out momma said style.  I pray that God blesses you and keeps you!  If sunday morning comes around and you think of your boy “all bizness” feel free to pray for me, that I complete this race to the best of my ability…and that my ticker keeps a ticking!  Love y’all!

On sunday I did something that a couple of years ago I would have told you was “impossible” I have logged 100 miles of blacktop running…in preperation for my half marathon, something else I would have thought impossble for a man of st. Nic stature like yours truly…but hear me out, I hope I don’t have to say this part…but believe me I am not being bragadosis with this post, in fact to dispel any possible ideas that this is to brag… I currently run alone because I am embarrassed that my pace is too slow to have anyone join me.  When I started my pace was barley BARLEY below the maximum time alloted for the race…I can read the head line now…santa like runner pulled off race because he is too slow.  But in all seriousness I have a lot of room to improve.  My reason for writing this is because in my 100 mile goal…I learned a couple of things about US…we can do what we often think is impossible. So there I said it and I believe it!  What are you doing that a couple years ago you would have thought impossible.  Don’t hold back, go after something shocking…if I am wrong…you can get on my blog and call me a liar…right to my face you can tell me that I thought too highly of you…one of our readers is on a weight loss journey that I gaurantee a short couple of years ago she would have told you she could not do and she has recently lost a ***SHOCKING*** amount of weight. (You go girl…we are inspired to say the least) so if you’re bold enough to shock me… what are you going after?  I will hold you accountable, cheer, pray, and whatever I can to see you make it, we can do this!  I am going for 35 less pounds, and running a total of 500 miles for the year! Blessin’s!